OSSI Pledge

This Open Source Seed pledge is intended to ensure your freedom to use the seed contained herein in any way you choose, and to make sure those freedoms are enjoyed by all subsequent users. By opening this packet, you pledge that you will not restrict others’ use of these seeds and their derivatives by patents, licenses, or any other means. You pledge that if you transfer these seeds or their derivatives they will also be accompanied by this pledge.

9 thoughts on “OSSI Pledge

  1. Excellent work! (coming from an Open-Source Software developer and avid gardener). You need T-Shirts and bumper stickers. Get the word out!

  2. You need a FB page – this is VERY important. I want to be able to link to it, share your work. I have been afraid of seed control for a long time. People think GMO’s are a concern, but the bigger concern is the patents and control of our food. I know USDA has seed banks but if the bugs evolve to eat/destroy our food supply (which they do) how do we get to the old seeds to see if they can feed us.
    Thank you for your wisdom.

  3. I have grown exclusively open pollinated seeds since the early 1980s and used open source software since the late 1990s. I was attracted to both for the same reason…. freedom for the average person.Thanks for the work you are doing.

  4. Heard about OSSI on NPR. Way to go! Want to support your cause – for the sake of the 99% of the world’s population. Thank you for what you are doing.

  5. This is wonderful. I will definitely link to your facebook when it is available and would like to get in on the seed breeding aspect. This is both fun and important!

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