Bred by Pat Hayes, Oregon State University

Full Pint Barley, bred by Pat Hayes, Oregon State University

high mowing talk

Participants at the Student Organic Seed Symposium in Vermont listen to Tom Stearns from High Mowing Organic Seeds

“Full Pint” – Pat Hayes, Oregon State University


“Flashback Mix”
“Orange Sherbet”
“Lemon Pastel”

“Oranje” – Irwin Goldman, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“Sovereign” – Irwin Goldman, University of Wisconsin-Madison


“Wrinkle Crinkle Crumple”

“Red Ursa”
“White Russian”
“Wild Garden Mix”

“Hyper Red Rumple Waved”
“Merlox Red Oak”
“Emerald Oak”
“Chartreuse Butter Tongue”
“Flashy Lightning”
“Blushed Butter Cos”
“Emerald Fan”

Mustard (mild)
“Pink Lettucy”
“Purple Rapa Pop”

Mustard (pungent)
“Dragon’s Tongue”

Peppers (sweet)
“Gatherer’s Gold Italian”
“Stocky Red Roaster”
“Little Bells”

“Brightest Brilliant”
“Cherry Vanilla”
“Red Head”

Squash (pepo)
“Delicata Zeppelin”

“White Salmon” – Kevin Murphy, Washington State University

“Midnight Lightning”

32 thoughts on “Seeds

  1. wow; what a great initiative! Can’t be in Madison today but would sure like some of these seeds for my Food Justice seminar and to grow out in the Central College organic garden.

    Jim Zaffiro
    Coordinator, Global Sustainability Education
    Central College
    Pella, IA 50219

    • No open-source agreement REQUIRES sharing. They only ALLOW it. What are they going to do, come to your house and break your kneecaps if you don’t pass it on?

  2. I went to the well attended OSSI launch presentation this morning on the UW-Madison campus. Great people… motivated presenters with important information and about keeping seeds free of patents and licenses. This work is SO important! We need to get everyone involved in this effort for the great good of us all!

  3. Yes! I would also like to know how to get my hands on some. I’m in Northern California and my five year old and I are just getting into gardening!

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  6. I agree with everyone else wonderful initiative that I feel is absolutely necessary and like everyone else would like to know how I could help/get the seeds.

  7. Wonderful!! Interested myself, please contact me about how and where I can get some seeds to start growing! Thank you-

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